Unlimited rides on trains in Akita Prefecture, winter “Akita Holiday Pass”

Station building "Topico" and the bus terminal on Akita Station west gate

JR East Akita Branch Office will release a specially planned ticket “Akita Holiday Pass” (あきたホリデーパス) that allows unlimited rides on railways in Akita Prefecture at a reasonable price. You can get on and off the local trains (including rapid service) of the JR line, the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway Akita-nairiku Line, and the Yuri Kogen Railway Chokai-sanroku Line in the valid area for one day. If you purchase a limited express ticket, express ticket, or reservation seat ticket additionaly, you can also ride limited express trains (including the Akita Shinkansen), express trains (“Moriyoshi” on Akita-nairiku Line), and rapid service “Resort Shirakami” and so on. The price is 2,440 yen for…

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Ogata Station on Akita-nairiku Line has renamed to ‘Jōmon-ogata’

Ogata Station on Akita-nairiku Line has renamed to 'Jōmon-ogata'

The station name of Ogata Station (Akita) on Akita Nairiku Jūkan Railway Akita-nairiku Line has been changed to ‘Jōmon-ogata (縄文小ケ田) Station’ on March 14, 2020. The rename has been done with the aim of increasing its name recognition as the Jomon period archeological sites, including ‘Isedotai Site’ located near the station, will be recommended as World Heritage sites. 横山 勝巳 / Yokoyama Katsumiスマートフォンアプリ「乗換路線図」の路線図デザイナーとして、日本全国のみならず世界各国の鉄道路線図の制作を手がける。そのかたわら、刻一刻と変わりゆく鉄道業界の出来事を整理し、わかりやすく発信する目的で鉄道・交通系ライター業をスタート。大阪府堺市出身。 New commuter electric trains “SRT Red Line” launch from Bangkok – Fleets from JapanThe longest railway line in Hong Kong is born – MTR Tuen Ma Line opened on June 27Seoul Subway Line 7 extended on May 22 – Seongnam – Sangok – Bupyeong-gu OfficeSet your Author…

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